Specialized Employee Health Benefit Solutions for the Agricultural Industry and Other Businesses

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Improve Your Business Operation With Employee Benefits

As a small business owner, deciding to offer employee benefits can have a good outcome for any company. These can help your organization operate efficiently and strategically. At Nor Cal Benefit Solutions in Larkspur, California, we specialize in agricultural industry solutions that can provide HR information to our clients in the US.

Who We Are

The company is a leading-edge solution for small businesses’ health-related benefits. We are an independent firm that provides a reliable source for prospective clients. Also, we have vast hands-on client experience with wineries, vineyards, nut farms, and other small businesses such as luxury hotels, restaurants, and auto body shops.

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How It Started

When our founder worked as a life insurance wholesaler, he served stockbrokers, financial planners, and P/C agents. He repeatedly received health insurance inquiries when meeting to address business owners about life/disability income policies. Because small businesses cannot expect in-house HR to handle compliance requirements, they needed an independent specialist. They needed our expertise.However, we prefer a relationship-based ongoing service to specific industries rather than a one-time sale. That’s why we started the company to effectively address our clients’ challenges while building a strong and lasting relationship.

Our Expertise

With our extensive experience, we can provide turnkey HR solutions, tech tools like the Zywave “Broker Briefcase”, and SPD to our clients. We can also help you with the following:

Case Design

Analysis of Existing Benefits

Access to Health and Ancillary Insurance Products

HR Compliance

Insurance Marketplace Exchanges

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What Sets Us Apart

We take pride in demonstrating credibility and legitimacy to our employee benefits. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on what we know to provide you with the solutions that fit your needs.

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